Boston nurse Allie Rae left job for OnlyFans, now makes $200K a month

You’ll have to check your own blood pressure reading this one.

A Boston-area ICU nurse and 37-year-old mother of three was forced to leave work after employers discovered her skimpy side gig, an OnlyFans page with a current following of 69,000-plus, which is growing by the minute.

Allie Rae, who was on her hospital’s front lines during COVID-19, sometimes working 14-hour shifts, said that the pandemic’s stress ultimately inspired her boudoir hobby.

What started as sexy bikini shots on Instagram — now boasting 73K followers — soon turned X-rated after constant DMs in support of her stunning mom bod inspired Rae to take it deeper and go full-on NSFW.

“I posted like two photos and I had people sign up for probably two weeks without me even posting anything, just anxiously awaiting my posts,” Rae told The Post, adding that her husband, whom she married at 18, has also gotten in on the recorded action.

Allie Rae, a Massachusetts nurse began experimenting online to deal with the stress of COVID-19 in her hospital.
Allie Rae, a Massachusetts nurse, began experimenting online to deal with the stress of COVID-19 in her hospital.

“After that first month, month and a half, we easily cleared $8,000, it was kind of crazy. As a nurse I was making six, maybe seven grand a month, so it was real money.”

To avoid conflicts at work, Rae said she never revealed her facility or even her legal name online. But jealousy still became contagious in Rae’s neonatal intensive care unit when she said “roughly six” colleagues stumbled upon a few of her milder shots in late 2020. “(They) really went out of their way to make it a problem for me,” she said about the weeks to come.

“It has been a really crazy ride.”

Allie Rae

The steamy issue reached a boiling point last spring when the group of six tracked down Rae’s OnlyFans page and subscribed to take screenshots that were sent to the hospital’s managerial staff.

Rae's colleagues snooped around the Internet and found her seductive stash.
Rae’s colleagues snooped around the internet and found her seductive stash.

“They actually had to pay to go about and do this … this was, in my opinion, very ‘Mean Girls.’

“It was probably someone I was working with day in and day out doing this behind my back and judging me in that way, really, that was hard,” Rae said.

Upon the lewd exposure, Rae said, management gave her the ultimatum to quit OnlyFans or the “toxic” hospital — so she chose the latter.

“I was a very respected nurse on my unit, I actually trained all our incoming nurses,” Rae said, adding that since going public, “countless nurses” and other health care workers have reached out in support and even to inquire how to start their own pages.

Rae said she was given an ultimatum to leave OnlyFans or leave the hospital.
Rae said she was given an ultimatum to leave OnlyFans or leave the hospital.

After stripping away from that job of almost a decade, what started as easy cash on the side soon became Rae’s (60) 9 to 5 — just at a much higher pay grade. Now Rae, a Texas native and devout Boston Bruins and Minnesota Gophers fan, estimates a monthly revenue $200K since opening up, she told The Post.

“It is a full-time job … we work very hard, girls that are successful like this on OnlyFans, they are not just posting and then just going to dinner and party,” Rae said, adding that she puts in more hours now than she did as a nurse.

She’s not your nurse anymore, but Allie Rae is still on call.

She also passed along this advice on how to get started making some bank from a butt:

“First and foremost, if you are in a relationship, you have to make sure you’re solid in your communication with your partner, that is key,” said Rae. “The last thing you want to do is start something and realize the partner wasn’t fully on board with it. My husband and I, luckily, we have a great relationship.”

It’s also important, she warns, to prepare for and come to peace with a “worst-case scenario” of unwanted exposure. “It is possible your stuff will be leaked, it is possible your family will come across this,” said Rae, who had a conversation with her two oldest children (who are 17 and 18 years old) about her racy role. “They were prepared at least for that.”

Former nurse Allie Rae...without her scrubs.
Former nurse Allie Rae … without her scrubs.

Rather than being impulsive and flashy with her newfound fortune, Rae is using the OnlyFans cash to pay off student loans, invest in Florida property for her family to settle in and to find “a good tax person” since they’re now in a much higher bracket.

Rae — a United States Navy veteran once stationed in Minnesota, where she met her husband — is looking to branch out into podcasting and coaching for others who want to explore a similar kind of liberation.

“I am an educated woman, a wife, a mother, I’m still very loyal to my husband, I’m a very good mom. I think there is a stigma out there that that’s not what you see on OnlyFans,” she said. “There are a lot of us out there and I would really love to make an impact on that. It has been a really crazy ride.”

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