September 20, 202114

Boston nurse Allie Rae left job for OnlyFans, now makes $200K a month


You’ll have to check your own blood pressure reading this one.

A Boston-area ICU nurse and 37-year-old mother of three was forced to leave work after employers discovered her skimpy side gig, an OnlyFans page with a current following of 69,000-plus, which is growing by the minute.

Allie Rae, who was on her hospital’s front lines during COVID-19, sometimes working 14-hour shifts, said that the pandemic’s stress ultimately inspired her boudoir hobby.

What started as

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September 20, 20219

People Can’t Get Over How Supportive These Parents Are After Their Daughter Shared News About Her Sex Work Through A PowerPoint Presentation


Warning: This article discusses topics related to sexual assault.

Over 5.4 million people have tuned in to watch Lexi, the now self-proclaimed “PowerPoint Stripper,” flip through a slideshow presentation titled “Today I Reveal to You a Secret,” which she used to break the news of her new trade to her parents.

Lexi and her family have all requested that their last names remain anonymous.Lexi

In the viral video — which was filmed by Lexi’s sister, 
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September 20, 20217

Strip clubs and escort services could cause substantial fall in sex crimes, study finds

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Strip clubs and escort services could lead to a substantial fall in sex crimes, new research has found.

The study, published in The Economic Journal, discovered the existence of adult entertainment venues triggered a fall in the number of sexual offences carried out close by.

Researchers, who analysed crime statistics from a New York precinct, found the presence of an adult entertainment establishment caused a 13 per cent fall in sex crimes in the area one

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